Terms and Conditions


Article 1 (Purpose)

The purpose of this Agreement is to prescribe the rights, obligations, and responsibilities between the Coconut Silo Inc (hereinafter referred to as "Company") and the Customer in using the COCOTRUCK Platform Service (hereinafter referred to as "Service") provided by Company.

Article 2 (Definitions)

The key terms used in these terms and conditions are as follows

  1. The term "COCOTRUCK" means a virtual place of business or a website operated by a company that is set up to trade goods and services using information and communication facilities such as computers to provide truck hailing services to customers, and it is also used as a meaning of a business operator.
  2. The term "Service" means all services provided by the "Company" using the brand name "COCOTRUCK" regardless of the terminal implemented (such wired and wireless devices as PCs, tablets, portable terminals, etc.).
  3. The term "Customer" means members and non-members who access the company's "Services" and receive services provided by the company under these terms and conditions.
  4. The term "Posting" means articles, photos, videos, various files, links, etc. in the form of information, such as signs, letters, voices, sounds, videos, etc. posted on "Service" by "Customer" using services.

Article 3 (Notices, Effectiveness and Amendment of Terms and Conditions)

  1. The company posts the contents of these terms and conditions on the website so that customers can easily understand them.
  2. The methods of notification from the company to the customer are: phone call, message, email, app, company-defined announcement channel(SNS), or other written forms.
  3. In case of notification to the public and unspecified number(s) of a customer, a company may substitute individual notification by posting it on the website or other channels for more than a week(7 Days). However, regarding matters that have a significant impact on the customer's own transaction, individual notifications are made in the manner prescribed in paragraph 2.


Article 4 (Establishment of Service Contract)

  1. Customer can use the service immediately after the company approves the use of the service.
  2. In principle, the service hours shall be 24 hours a day (00:00-24:00) per day throughout the year, except in cases where it is impossible due to the company's business or technology. However, due to regular inspection of service facilities, etc., the company may divide the service into a specific scope and separately determine the date and time.
  3. The company may not approve application for each paragraph.
    1. Where the name is not same with the actual person
    2. Where artificial information is entered in the registration details, or there is an omission or error
    3. Where the information inserted is relevant with the existing customer
    4. Where it is confirmed that a child under the age of 18 has registration without the consent of the legal representative
    5. Breach of the terms and conditions or illegality or where it is confirmed that it is an unjust application or a reason equivalent thereto arises
    6. The company may reserve its approval if there is no space for service-related facilities, or if there is a technical or business problem.
    7. If the modification or change of the information that has been inserted upon sign-up occurs, the customer must notify the company of these changes within a considerable period of time(within 3 days).

Article 5 (Fees&Payments)

Payment between "Customer" and "COCOTRUCK" is a fee.

Customers required to pay the following types of fees.

  1. Subscription Fees
    1. The applicable Subscription Fees to your Subscription shall be as specified in the Contract Form. Services are offered under different pricing plans, the limits and price of which are available at the service. Your rights and obligations with respect to certain Services will be based in part on the pricing plan you choose.
    2. When you purchase our Services (each such purchase, a “Subscription”), you expressly authorize us or our third-party payment processor to charge you for such Services.
    3. Customer agree on the form of payment by cash, bank transfer credit card or other forms of payment.
    4. You are responsible for paying all other taxes assessed in connection with your Subscription.
    5. In the event that you fail to pay the full amount owed to us, we may limit your access to the Services, in addition to any other rights or remedies we may have.
    6. Subscription fees are refundable; except that a customer violates our Terms and Conditions. The refund amount due is equal to the daily Subscription fees for unused services (total Subscription fees divided by the number of days).
    7. Company reserves the right to change the Fees or applicable charges and to institute new charges and Fees at the end of the Initial Service Term or then‑current renewal term, upon thirty (30) days prior notice to Customer (which may be sent by email).
  2. Commission Fees
    1. When you complete transportation through "COCOTRUCK", you will be charged a commission fee.
    2. Customer agree on the form of payment by cash, bank transfer credit card or other forms of payment.
    3. You are responsible for paying all other taxes assessed in connection with your transportation.
    4. In the event that you fail to pay the full amount owed to us, we may limit your access to the Services, in addition to any other rights or remedies we may have.
    5. When the transaction is canceled, a refund may be made depending on the situation.

Article 6 (Notice of Changes)

If the company changes or terminates the details of the service, the company may notify the change or termination of the service contents through electronic means, such as notice of service, SMS, etc.

Article 7 (Restrictions and Stopping Service use)

  1. The company may restrict or suspend the service use of the customer in the event of any of the following reasons.
    1. Where a customer interferes with the operation of a company's services intentionally or by gross negligence
    2. The company may restrict its use for the protection and operational efficiency of its membership information if customer have not logged in for more than a year(365 days).
    3. Where a customer using the service violates the obligations under Article 9
    4. Where it is inevitable due to the inspection, repair, or construction of facilities for services
    5. Where a telecommunication service is suspended by a fixed-term telecommunication service provider prescribed in the Telecommunications Business Act
    6. When the use of services is hampered by a state of emergency, a failure of service facilities, or a surge in the use of services
    7. Where it is deemed inappropriate for the company to continue providing services due to other serious reasons
  2. The company may immediately suspend the use of the service where a customer violates relevant law, such as name theft and payment theft, phone number theft, provision and operation of illegal programs violating the Copyright Act and Computer Program Protection Act, illegal communication and hacking, distribution of malware, and excess of access rights. In the event of a permanent suspension of use under this paragraph, all benefits obtained through the use of the service will be extinguished, and the company will not compensate for it.
  3. When the company restricts or suspends the use of services pursuant to this Article, it shall notify the customer of the reason, period of restriction, etc. pursuant to Article 5.
  4. A customer may file an objection to the restrictions on use, etc. under this Article in accordance with the procedures set by the company. If the company recognizes that the objection is justified, the company will immediately resume the use of the service.

Article 8 (Attribution of rights and Use of works)

  1. All rights, including copyrights to various services provided by the company, shall be vested in the company, and all rights, including copyrights, shall be vested in the relevant customer unless otherwise indicated.
  2. For the purpose of operating, exhibiting, transmitting, distributing, and promoting services, the company may use posts registered by users as follows to the extent reasonable in accordance with the fair practice prescribed by the Copyright Act without permission of the customers.
  3. Where a company receives an objection from another person, such as a claim for compensation for damages, etc. due to the infringement of copyright, program copyright, etc., the customer shall endeavor to indemnify the company, and if the company is not indemnified, the customer shall bear all damages incurred to the company.

Article 9 (Obligations of members and non-membership customers)

  1. Members and non-members shall not engage in any of the following subparagraph
    1. The act of registering false information in customer information
    2. The act of changing information posted on the company's services or using information obtained by using the service to be used for reproduction, publication, broadcasting, etc. for profit-making or non-profit purposes without prior consent from the company
    3. Infringement of the rights of the company or third parties, such as defaming the company or infringing on intellectual property rights
    4. The act of illegally using the service by stealing the information of other customers or the information of customers using it
    5. To send junk mail, spam mail, chain letters, mail that encourages you to join the pyramid organization, obscene or violent messages, videos, voice, etc., or to publish or publish information that is contrary to public forms
    6. The act of sending or posting information (computer programs, etc.) prohibited from transmitting or posting information under relevant statutes, such as the Act on the Promotion of Use of Information and Communication Networks and Information Protection, etc.
    7. Dissemination of information, sentences, shapes, voice, etc. in violation of public order or customs.
    8. Posting or sending a message pretending to be an employee of a company or a service manager, or using the name of another person
    9. Posting or sending materials containing software viruses, other computer code, files, and programs designed to disrupt or destroy the normal operation of computer software, hardware, and telecommunications equipment by email or SMS
    10. Interfering with the use of services by other customers, such as stalking
    11. The act of collecting, storing, and disclosing personal information of other customers without their consent
    12. Activities for profit-making purposes using services provided by the company, such as posting advertisements, propaganda, or sending spam mail to an unspecified number of customers
    13. Violations of current statutes, terms and conditions prescribed by the company, and other regulations concerning the use of services
  2. The company may restrict the use of the service or terminate this contract unilaterally if a member or a non-member use customer commits an act under paragraph (1), and the company shall not be liable for it.

Article 10 (Obligations of company)

  1. The company shall faithfully implement measures, such as maintaining, inspecting, or restoring the company's services and security-related facilities in a manner suitable for continuous and stable service provision.
  2. The company does not send advertising e-mail or SMS for commercial purposes that the customer does not want.
  3. The company shall not divulge or distribute the personal information of the customer who has learned in connection with the provision of services to third parties without his/her consent, but shall endeavor to protect it. Other matters concerning the protection of customers' personal information shall be governed by the relevant statutes, and the "Privacy Policy" separately prescribed by the company.

Article 11 (Relationships between COCOTRUCK and COCOTRUCK connected websites)

  1. COCOTRUCK Connected Website refers to a connection made by a hyperlink (for example, the destination of a hyperlink includes letters, pictures, and videos).
  2. The company shall not be held responsible for any goods or services provided independently by the connected website, including warranty liability for the customers and transactions made by the website.
  3. In order to protect the personal information of customers, the company shall establish a "Privacy Policy" and designate a person in charge of personal information protection and post and operate it.

Article 12 (Prohibition of transfer)

The right of the customer to receive the service shall not be transferred or presented or provided for the purpose of reproduction.

Article 13 (Privacy)

  1. In order to protect the personal information of customers, the company shall comply with the relevant statutes, related regulations and laws.
  2. In order to protect the personal information of customers, the company shall establish a "Privacy Policy" and designate a person in charge of personal information protection and post and operate it.
  3. The company's privacy policy does not apply to linked sites other than the company's official site. The customer shall be responsible for verifying the personal information handling policy of the linked site and third party providing the purchased goods or services, and the company shall not be responsible for it.
  4. The company shall not use the information provided by the customer for the use contract for any purpose other than the purpose of operating the company's services or provide it to a third party without the consent of the customer. Provided, That the foregoing shall not apply in any of the following cases
    1. Where the use of customer information and the provision of information about third parties are permitted under Acts and subordinate statutes
    2. Where the minimum customer information necessary for service reservation, consignment service, delivery service, etc.
    3. Where the consent of the customer is sought in accordance with the terms and conditions and policies of the company

Article 14 (Termination of Service Contract)

  1. A customer may at any time file an application for the termination of a service contract in accordance with the procedures prescribed by the company, and the company shall immediately deal with it as prescribed by the relevant Act, etc.
  2. If a customer terminates a contract, all personal information, etc. of the customer shall be deleted immediately after termination, except in cases where the company holds the customer's personal information pursuant to the relevant Act and the "Privacy Policy" separately determined by the company.
  3. If a customer terminates a contract, all posts registered in his/her account, such as profiles, etc., will be deleted. However, it will not be re-posted due to other customers' content, scraps, etc., or the posts registered on the public bulletin board will not be deleted, so please delete them in advance and withdraw.
  4. If a customer violates the provisions of Article 9, the company may terminate this contract after giving the customer an opportunity to state his/her opinion for a considerable period of time, and may also be held liable for civil and criminal damages.

Article 15 (Disclaimer)

  1. If the company is unable to provide services due to the following reasons, it shall not be liable for damages incurred to the customers.
    1. Where there is a state of natural disaster or equivalent force majeure
    2. Where there is a deliberate obstruction of service by a third party that has entered into a service partnership contract with the company to provide services
    3. Where there is a disability in the use of the service due to reasons attributable to the customer
    4. In the case of other reasons for the absence of intention or negligence of the company
  2. The company does not guarantee the reliability, accuracy, etc. of information, data, facts obtained by the customer using the service, and shall not be liable for damages caused by the customer.
  3. We are not responsible for the failure to register through the company and cannot be inquired from the computer.
  4. The Company shall not be liable for the failure or loss of revenue expected by the Customer to use the Service, nor shall it be liable to intervene in disputes arising through service interactions between the Customer and the Customer.
  5. Since the transportation contract is a contract between the customer and the service provider, in principle, the company is not responsible for compensation in the course of the service, but the company is responsible for actively mediating between the customer and the service provider.
  6. The company shall not be responsible for the use of free services unless otherwise provided for in the relevant laws.

Article 16 (Resolution of dispute)

  1. The company shall establish and operate a damage compensation treatment organization to reflect legitimate opinions or complaints raised by customers and to compensate for the damage.
  2. The company shall preferentially deal with complaints and opinions submitted from customers. However, if it is difficult to process quickly, the customer shall be notified of the reason and the processing schedule immediately.
  3. If there is an application for relief from damage caused by a customer in connection with an e-commerce dispute between the company and the customer, it may be subject to mediation by the Fair Trade Commission or the City Governor.

Article 17 (Jurisdiction and Governing Law)

These terms and conditions shall be prescribed and implemented under the laws of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, and the court having jurisdiction over the address under the Civil Procedure Act shall agree on disputes between the company and the customer using the service.


Article 1. These terms and conditions were amended on November 3rd, 2023 and will take effect on November 3rd, 2023